Automated. Quality. Control. With alerts. proactively checks...

  1. QuickBooks Online Needs To Be Closed
  2. Invoice Delivery Issues
  3. Unapplied Payments
  4. Payment Date Before Invoice Date
  5. Transactions in Parent P&L Accounts
  6. Transactions in Parent Balance Sheet Accounts
  7. COA Accounts Without Descriptions
  8. New COA Account Needs To Be Reviewed
  9. Existing COA Account Needs To Be Reviewed
  10. New Class Needs To Be Reviewed
  11. New Item Needs To Be Reviewed
  12. Expenses Without an Assigned Vendor
  13. Revenue Without an Assigned Customer
  14. Transactions Without an Assigned Class
  15. Undeposited Funds Hasn't Cleared
  16. Unreconciled Balance Sheet Transactions
  17. Uncategorized Transactions
  18. Potential Improper Capitalization
  19. Transactions to Potentially Capitalize
  20. Potential Duplicate Vendors
  21. Potential Duplicate Customers
  22. Inactivate Unused Vendors
  23. Inconsistent Vendor Classification
  24. Check For Unusual Vendor Activity
  25. Check For Unusual P&L Activity
  26. Check For Unusual Balance Sheet Activity
  27. Potential Duplicate Bills integrates with...

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  1. $5 per QuickBooks Online file per month

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the product and billing.
Is there a free trial available?
Yes, you can try us for free for 7 days with 3 unique QuickBooks files.
What about the security of our data?
We take data security very seriously, including the following precautions:
1. The site has an SSL certificate installed.
2. All users are required to have a strong password with at least 8 characters, 1 number and 1 special character.
3. The app is hosted in a DigitalOcean droplet and secured via best practices.
The app and database are hosted in DigitalOcean's NYC1 datacenter which is SOC2 certified.
4. We regularly scan for vulnerabilities via Astra.
5. Users are automatically logged out after 60 minutes of inactivity. Any quality checks that are scheduled will continue to run in the background, though.
6. Passwords are required to be reset every 90 days.
7. Subscription payments are facilitated via Stripe and we don't store nor see your payment information.
8. We offer two-factor authentication via SMS and an authenticator app. We strongly encourage you to turn on two-factor authentication, though we don't require it.
Do I need to use each quality check? Some of them don't apply to the way my firm works.
No problem. Each quality check can be independently toggled on and off.
What are "alerts"?
At the moment, "alerts" are emails which are sent to the bookkeeper and/or reviewer assigned to a particular quality check for a firm's customer. Our roadmap includes Karbon and Zapier integrations in the very near future to allow for ultimate flexibility and to fit into your firm's workflow. For now, we are utilitizing emails because: 1) they are ubiquitous, and 2) they can readily be turned into Karbon Work items.

Each quality check, and thus each alert, can be scheduled to run by the hour, day, weekday or month. Therefore, the cadence of your quality control function is completely customizable. Furthermore, the language in each alert can be customized to your firm's workflow.

Why is that important?

Want to include a standard operating procedure on how to fix an error? No problem. You can do that with
How does billing work?
Subscriptions are per QuickBooks Online account, not per accounting firm. Subscriptions are automatically billed to your firm based on the number of customers you have connected to
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